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Data Retention Policy.


This data retention policy contains important information on how long we retain files (electronic or paper) relating to any legal advice or services we provide to you.  The minimum period of time for which we retain files is determined according to the the type of matter and is set out below. We keep a record of when files are destroyed, this may include some personal information such as your name and address. 

Client Matters:

Commercial transactions, including contracts, IP - 15 years.

Commercial property - 15 years or length of the term plus 7 years if longer.

Company formation - indefinitely.

Shareholder/Partnership agreements - indefinitely.

Employment - 7 years.

Wills trust and LPA’s will - indefinitely.

Litigation files - 7 years.

Business Administration:

Copies of documents and information to satisfy money laundering requirements - 5 years unless subject of legal proceedings, or client has given consent to longer retention.

Sales invoices - 12 years.

Purchase records - 12 years.

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